Unsecured Business Loans
Business Loans – For any acceptable business purpose. Not just a loan – a totally flexible solution.

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    SME Cash is your Business Finance Hero. We have been lending money to businesses for more than 25 years. So when you search for an unsecured loan we know that you don’t want or don’t have the ‘bricks and mortar’ as security against a loan. BUT you have assets in your business, a reasonable credit rating and that you can commit to regular, controlled repayments from your cash flow.

    Our unsecured business loans can also be used for general expenses such as ATO payments, payroll, extensive repairs and business expansion.

    We don’t just give you a loan we give you a totally flexible solution. All cash loans are for a purpose related to your business growth, innovation and jobs. We provide our multiple finance solutions linked to how you want to spend the money ie: what do you want to spend it on. If you know which financial solution you are looking for, then get started OR click on read more for more information.

    Equipment Finance – If you need new equipment to help you grow, innovate and create jobs, it’s time to add to your productive assets. Apply Online to find your answer immediately.

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    Auto Finance – Upgrade your vehicle or add to the fleet you already have so you can “Get Your Business On The Road”. Apply Online and KNOW NOW.

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    Business Loans – Every SME business knows the unexpected bills that land on the desk. Whatever it is, the result is a big hole in the available cash. Apply Now and KNOW NOW to fill that gap with finance

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    Trade Finance –Two sides to Trade Finance: Import and / or Export

    • Import: We live in a global world and when doing your buying overseas you probably see some great products but not sure where to find the cash? Apply Online and see how much money you can borrow and the repayments.

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    • Export: Do you export, and each time wait anxiously to receive payment so that you have the money to purchase new materials? Our Export Finance Solution will also include your Invoice Finance Ledger. Apply online for Invoice Finance (Export)

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    Inventory Loans – Would you like to have more stock on your shelves or have the cash to be able to buy better? SME Cash helps meet your trading cycle needs. Apply Online Today

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    Insurance PremiumPay – Insurance is a vital element in business, but the costs can be quite high. At SME Cash, we pay upfront and you pay us periodically (pay by the month). Apply Online Now.

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    Invoice Finance - It is frustrating to see money tied up in unpaid invoices when the cash could be used for business growth. SME Cash Invoice Finance will increase your cash and take pressure off working capital.

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    Business Line Of Credit (BLOC) - Are you turning over less than $2M and looking to grow? As your business grows, so should the money you can borrow. With our BLOC, we fund you based on your receivables. Flat monthly management fee. Apply today.

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    Unsecured Business Loans

    No bricks & mortar?

    Get an unsecured loan from as little as $5,000


    • Easy repayments to match your business. Daily, Weekly or Monthly options
    • Qualify for a Business Loan and all SME Cash finance solutions including Invoice Finance within 5 minutes by answering a few simple questions.
    • Online speedy and secure processing system gets you your loan quickly.
    • Loans from $5,000 to match your requirements.
    • SME Cash can payout other lenders to consolidate existing debts, providing a more flexible solution for growth.
    • General Business Loan terms are taken over 12 months.


    • In business and Registered for GST at least 2 years.
    • Subject to SME Cash credit assessment.
    • Optional Invoice Finance facility (Should have account receivables) or security over the business is required for Loans above $50,000.

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