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    SME Cash provides Supply Finance to all types of businesses, from wholesalers and retailers, through to the hospitality and construction industry. At SME Cash, Supply Finance is part of our Inventory Loans solution, which can help meet the peak cash flows of your trading cycle.

    Supply Finance is highly useful for businesses that are required to pay their suppliers in a period shorter than the time it takes to re-sell their supplies to customers. Supply Finance also provides a solution to businesses affected by seasonal fluctuations in cash flows. It can help achieve higher sales - for example, by being used to acquire extra supply or inventory to be sold during the peak seasons.

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    Get pre-approved so you can negotiate your best buying price and not be reliant on Vendor Finance. Improved buying can increase the profit margin for your business. Loans include finished goods (SKU’s), special orders and/or if you are a manufacturing business – raw materials. Loans from a minimum of $5k

    Importantly, SME Cash limits above $10k can act as a revolving line of credit.

    How does a revolving line of credit work?
    Businesses can use the loan product at their own convenience by drawing down to their limit. As the loan is substantially paid back a new limit is available to drawdown. This just requires you to ‘Go Digital’ by connecting your financials to the BusinessCentre.


    • Loans from a minimum of $5K.
    • Paperless & 100% online APPLY NOW process to ensure more secure and faster processing.
    • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Payment options to match your business and revenue.
    • Qualify for Supply/Inventory Loans and all SME Cash finance solutions including invoice Finance within 5 minutes by answering a few simple questions.
    • SME Cash can payout other lenders to consolidate existing debts - a more flexible solution for growth.


    • In business and Registered for GST at least 2 years.
    • Subject to SME Cash credit assessment.
    • Security requirements vary depending on amounts borrowed.
    • For loans below $50K and if an Invoice facility is not held with SME Cash, a 25% deposit is required. Above $50K loans, the deposit is waived and security is required.

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