Supply Chain Finance
A complete supply chain solution. Receive your goods and have end to end cash flow for your business.

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    Supply Chain Finance is one of the financial solutions of SME Cash Trade Finance. It benefits the importer as it improves the cash flow by funding the transactions of the total chain from beginning to end - the Supplier, the Importer and the End User.

    SME Cash funds your purchases from the Supplier. When you on-sell the goods to your customers extended credit is given to you by way of a loan and / or an invoice finance facility. The invoice facility with SME Cash is ideal in the Supply Chain link. When your invoices are sold to SME Cash, you immediately have up to 90% of the cash from your receivables in your bank account. This keeps the business constantly trading and growing via working capital.

    Supply Chain Finance Works this way

    • You provide Purchase Orders / documents relayed to your purchases.
    • SME Cash takes care of the necessary paperwork relating to the import transactions.
    • SME Cash releases funds to the Supplier once the goods arrive in /Australia.
    • You repay the funds to SME Cash via a loan or invoice finance facility.

    Snapshot Features

    • TOP 5 SKU’s funded without a purchase order (PO).
    • Paperless & online application process to ensure secure and fast processing.
    • Loans available from $5,000.
    • Another benefit of your loan is that it can work as a revolving line of credit. Draw down amounts up to your limit and once a reasonable amount is repaid a new limit is available to you.
    • In business and registered for GST at least 2 years.
    • Have at least 1 year of history in import trading.

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