Frequently Asked Questions

Making an application

Q. How do I apply?

A. First select a product click on the APPLY NOW button and follow our simple online application.APPLY NOW >

Q. How long does the online application take to complete?

A. You can receive a Final pricing in around 10 mins. Click here to get started.

Q. What information do I need during my application?

A. When you go to APPLY NOW you will be asked a few simple questions about your Business which you will already know. Click here to get started.

Q. Can I apply for more than one finance solution?

A. Yes, you can, based on the details provided by you, you may also qualify for one or more of our other finance solutions. Click here to view our other solutions.

Q. What do you mean by Indicative pricing (get qualified)?

A. From what you have told us about your business, Indicative Pricing (estimate) tells you how much you qualify for and how much it might cost based on a good credit score.

About Our Finance Solutions

Q. I am not sure which loan will suit me. How can SMECash help?

A. Read about multiple SME Cash finance solutions or chat to us online. Click here to read about the products..

Q. Can I apply for more than one loan?

A. Yes you can, get started and add more through the online applicant. Click here to get started.

Q. Can I make extra repayments?

A. You can make extra payments whenever you like by either EFT or by requesting an increase to your regular instalment.

Q. Can I payout my Finance solution earlier?

A. Yes, you can however there will be a break cost fee. Please chat to us online for more information.

Q. Does SME Cash fund the GST on my loan?

A. Yes, we can, it is optional and available for Auto Finance and Equipment Finance.

Q. Do I need to have property security?

A. No, Residential property is not required as we use the business assets to secure the loan. Should, however, you need a loan that exceeds the value of these business assets, property security would help support your application.

Q. How long is my loan term?

A. Loan terms can vary from 3 months to 5 years.

Security & Privacy

Q. What happens to my information?

A. To understand what happens to your information please view our privacy statement by clicking here.

Q. Is my data safe?

B. To understand the appropriate data processes we have in place, please view our privacy statement by clicking here.

Other Information

Q. Why do I need to connect my accounting package?

A. You GO DIGITAL. By connecting your accounting package, we can assess your business finances and give you the best final price that suits your particular business operations.

Q. I don’t have an accounting package, can I still apply?

A. You do need to have an accounting package. If you currently do not use one, either contact your accountant or our customer service representative –
SME BusinessCentre on 1300 857 092 to discuss further.

Q. What if I have a problem applying through the website, or I don’t understand?

A. Our fully trained Customer Service Officers are here to help guide you through any of the processes. Phone (1300 857 092) or chat to us online.

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