Export Finance
Importing or exporting? We provide export, import, pre-export and invoice finance for a complete supply chain solution.

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    Export Finance is part of SME Cash Trade Finance and designed to assist you with your global trading via an Invoice Finance Facility. Up to 90% of your goods can be funded. Manufactured goods, special one-off orders or finished items are all included in our Export Finance solution. With a customer purchase order, we can make our loans just as soon as documents are available.

    Export up to 90% of goods funded.

    SME Cash will include a portion of your Invoice Finance Debtor’s ledger as “Export Buyers” up to 50% ensured or Letter of Credit.

    Export finance removes the stress of waiting to receive payment for your exported goods and with the funds you can purchase new materials or items and prepare for the next export without any gap.

    Export Solution Highlights

    • Extended terms for payment.
    • Paperless & 100% online application process to ensure more secure and faster processing.
    • Loans available from $25K.
    • Invoice Finance Facility with SME Cash to cover all your customers receivables.
    • In Business and Registered for GST at least 2 years.
    • Documentary Credits to be provided and verified.
    • Insurance in certain cases.

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