Debt Consolidation
Get back the control of your debts. Bundle them up and combine into one simple loan.

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    Sometimes over the years of business, a loan here and another one there can start to add up, get confusing and become unmanageable. The worry of finding the money each month can easily become stressful and affect your business activities and the running of your business.

    Debt consolidation lets you roll all your loans into the one, so you only have a single debt to commit to. SME Cash Business loans can be used for Debt Consolidation to enable you to focus 100% on your business, we can pay out other lenders to combine any existing debts.


    Consolidate your debts into one simple plan

    The benefits of debt consolidation

    • It can reduce your interest rates and associated fees.
    • Debts are better controlled by having one manageable loan.
    • Regular and persistent phone calls demanding payment will stop.
    • You have a clearer and uncluttered view of your business for better planning.
    • It gets your business back on track and provides a more flexible solution for growth.


    • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Payment options to match your business and revenue.
    • Qualify for a Business Loan within 5 minutes by answering a few simple questions.
    • Paperless & 100% online application is secure and fast.
    • Loans from $5,000 to match your business needs.
    • Loan terms are taken over 12 months.


    • In business and Registered for GST at least 2 years.
    • Subject to SME Cash credit assessment.
    • Optional Invoice Finance facility (Should have account receivables) or security over the business is required for Loans above $50,000.

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