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    Having the right vehicle for your work is an important part of a successful business. SME Cash loans for Business Vehicles are part of the Auto Finance solution, providing motor vehicle finance through a secured loan. Popular vehicle types include utes, vans and sedans, trucks and trailers where used primarily for business. Upgrade your vehicle or add to the fleet you already have and ‘Get Your Business on the Road’.

    Get pre-approved so you can negotiate your best buying price and not be reliant on Vendor Finance. SME Cash takes security over the asset so that it doesn’t impact other facilities you may have.

    Importantly, all SME Cash can act as a revolving line of credit by simply connecting your financials to the BusinessCentre. This means that businesses can use the loan products at their own convenience by drawing down any amount up to their limit. As the loan is substantially paid back a new limit is available to drawdown.

    If you’ve been registered for GST for at least 1 year and subject to SME Cash credit assessment, you will automatically qualify for a loan.


    Get Your Business On The Road. Buy New or Upgrade


    • Loans from $15,000 to meet your business needs.
    • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Payment options to match your business and revenue.
    • Subject to kms and age for used autos – a balloon payment may be available for example, passenger vehicles - 5 years old and with 125,000 kms at the end of the term.
    • Qualify for Auto finance and all SME Cash finance solutions including Invoice Finance within 5 minutes by answering a few simple questions.
    • Paperless & 100% online APPLY NOW process to ensure more secure and faster processing.
    • GST can be added to the loan and recovered on the 4th payment of a monthly plan.
    • SME Cash can payout other lenders to consolidate existing debts, providing a more flexible solution for growth.


    • In business and registered for GST for a minimum 1 year receive up to $30,000 loan no financials.
    • In business and registered for GST for more than 2 years, higher loans are available.
    • Subject to SME Cash credit assessment.

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