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    SME Cash provides general purpose loans for any reasonable business use or purchase, helping your business get ahead and grow, whilst also serving to meet working capital needs.

    SME Cash Business loans are shorter term general purpose loans which assist with those unexpected expenses such as expensive repairs, fast approaching bills including the ATO, payroll growth, costs related to business expansion and pre export finance.

    However, you may be needing a loan for a particular purpose (eg new equipment) and in this case your Business Loan requirements will be best matched to one or more of our other financial solutions.

    Equipment Finance – Looking to grow your business, create more jobs and increase your competitive advantage? Buy the equipment your business needs to get ahead. Loans from $3K. Apply Online and KNOW NOW.

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    Auto Finance – Do you need a fleet or a car for a company representative? Give your customers the image of a good, sound business. Receive funds to upgrade or add to your fleet. Loans from $15K.

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    Business Loans –This is a shorter-term loan compared to our other solution. It’s generally associated with expenses such as repairs, bills including the ATO, payroll growth, costs related to business expansion and pre-export finance. Loans from $5K.

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    Trade Finance –Living in a global world means we export and import

    • Import: Need cash to take on great deals? SME Cash Import Finance gives you the opportunity to negotiate the price for the products you are looking to purchase. Loans from $25K. Apply Online and KNOW NOW what you could qualify for.

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    • Export: SME Cash provide you with an Invoice Finance Facility as part of your Export Finance solution. Improve your cash flow so that you can meet your financial obligations. Loans from $25K. Apply Online for Invoice Finance (Export).

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    Inventory Loans – Are you a wholesaler or retailer? Do you need extra stock or inventory to be sold during peak seasons? Inventory Loans are useful for businesses impacted by seasonal fluctuations. Loans from $5K. Apply online.

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    Insurance PremiumPay – SME Cash offers insurance premium funding instalments for all your business insurances. This facility can be used progressively at different times of the year. Loans from $3K. Apply Online.

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    Invoice Finance - Do you want to expand or have other ambitious plans? It’s hard to see money tied up in receivables when it could be used for business growth. SME Cash can advance up to 90% of this money. Apply Today.

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    Business Line Of Credit (BLOC) -Have receivables and annual turnover less than $2M? Increase your working capital to help your business grow PLUS supports your cashflow. Monthly flat management fee. Loans from $25K. Apply Online.

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    Importantly, all SME Cash limits can act as a revolving line of credit. This means that businesses can use the loan products at their own convenience by drawing down any amount up to their limit. As the loan is substantially paid back, a new limit is available to drawdown. This requires an easy upload of your financials.
    Equipment Finance

    The SME business loan, supporting your cash flow


    • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Payment options to match your business and revenue.
    • Qualify for a Business Loan and all SME Cash finance solutions including Invoice Finance within 5 minutes by answering a few simple questions.
    • Paperless & 100% online application process to ensure more secure and faster processing.
    • Loans from $5,000 to meet your business needs.
    • SME Cash can payout other lenders to consolidate existing debts, providing a more flexible solution for growth.
    • Loan terms are taken over 12 months.


    • In business and Registered for GST at least 2 years.
    • Subject to SME Cash credit assessment.
    • Optional Invoice Finance facility (Should have account receivables) or security over the business is required for Loans above $50,000.

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