Invoice Finance
Access up to 90% of your invoices outstanding in as little as 24 hours

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    You can sell us either a single invoice debt, a partial ledger, or the entire ledger. This is a fast and efficient way of “unlocking” the cash in your invoices so that you can continue running and growing your business. We rely on your skills to collect in your receivables and do not take over your customers invoice collections, meaning that your customers may never know you’re using our Invoice Finance solution.

    Turnover less than $2m? We loan against your accounts receivable. The BLOC (Business Line Of Credit) works like an overdraft and is the perfect solution for supporting your cash flow. Click here for more information

    How Invoice Finance works?

    • You connect to your cloud accounting and provide us access to your statements.
    • Select and sell the invoices that your business has to SME Cash.
    • We provide you with up to 90% of the funds that are currently tied up in your invoices immediately. This will dramatically improve your cash flow.
    • When the invoice has been paid, we will credit you with the remaining funds.
    • Our reporting gives you full insight to how your customers are paying and we release your holdback the same day.

    invoice finance

    How can Invoice Finance benefit my business?

    • Improve cash flow and working capital to meet your financial obligations when they fall due by bringing forward your cash receipts.
    • Maintain close relationships with your customers as you control debt collection under normal circumstances.
    • We believe in working with you to help your business achieve long term growth, so our funding limits are designed to grow as your sales grow.


    • Funds available same day.
    • Facility will grow with your company. No need to apply for a Facility limit increase – we provide a buffer to accommodate growth in your sales.
    • Single invoice finance available.
    • Whole ledger or partial ledger finance.
    • Manage your finance on the go with an online portal.
    • Qualify for Invoice Finance and all SME Cash finance solutions within 5 minutes by answering 10 simple questions.
    • Daily interest calculations, no minimum batch or invoice upload restrictions.
    • Works like a bank overdraft, you only pay interest for funds you use.


    • Invoice Finance minimum annual turnover above $2M
    • Annual turnover between $150K-$2M, use the BLOC (Click here for more information)
    • Must have outstanding account receivables.
    • Minimum 2 years in business.
    • 1st Ranking security.

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